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Stocking Up

Atticus Evil, 22nd May 2020

Even as places begin opening up, the threat of Coronavirus still looms over us all. I for one am hesitant to return to my pre-pandemic routine. Certainly, I'm in no rush to get on a plane or even worse, a cruise.

I do miss going to the theater. Especially since my daughter could get in for free since she's under three. We enjoyed movies on Tuesdays when the theater wasn’t crowded and the popcorn was half-price. Although, for now it looks like we are stuck with a TV and microwave popcorn.

We're still stocking up, and it's hard to know how much to buy. I never realized how much food we eat in a month until it’s all in a pile. I read somewhere that a person eats an elephant's weight in food every year, but by the look of my monthly hill of food, it seems to be more akin to a whole herd of elephants.

With an ample supply of popcorn and no new movies, I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix. Some of my friends are turning to Youtube as their main source of entertainment. Not only are there professional actors making videos at home, but everyone seems to have something to post online.

My microwave recently broke, maybe due to my popcorn addiction, we were hesitant to allow a repairman into our home or go to the store to buy a new one. I spent a day watching microwave repair videos online. Using those amateur videos I was able to find the problem, ordered the part, and fix the microwave. This simple investment of time learning a skill saved me hundreds of dollars.

We should all use this time, living as hermits, to learn a new skill. I guess I should finally get around to learning Bridge. Good thing I know where some great Bridge videos are online.

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